Viaddress Reviews

Viaddress : Swann Wireless MP3 Doorbell System

We’re paralyzed with indecision. How can we possibly select which jam this Swann Wireless MP3 Doorbell System will blast whenever we get a visitor? It’s like having a ringtone for the whole darned house. But do we go Pachelbel-classy or Taio-Cruz-funky? What about greeting our nerd buddies with a snippet of Mr. Roboto? Luckily for us, this handy device stores up to twenty-five songs, making it a breeze for us to swap them. Available at for only $50

Viaddress : NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

When you stamp your passport to enter a new country, anything could happen. You could have a great time, learn a lot, and see the sights, or you could drink the water and spend the rest of your vacation in your hotel bathroom cursing all the gods you can name.

Don’t do that. Get an NDūR Advanced Portable Filtration Water Bottle and drink just about any water safely. Yes, you can fill your water bottle from that stream you found while hiking. You can fill it up at the sketchy water fountain that looks a bit rusty. You can even drink Mexican tap water without fear of Montezuma’s Revenge.

Available at ThinkGeek from $29.99 – $39.99

African Botanics Pure Marula Oil : A Viaddress Review

We don’t usually go for smearing our faces with oil unless someone is putting on a fried chicken dinner. But we might make an exception for this African Botanics Pure Marula Oil($80). Marula oil is the product of a fruit native to Southern Africa and Madagascar naturally rich in all the stuff your skin is supposed to love: antioxidants and fatty acids that help protect, moisturize, heal, and smooth your complexion. Available at for only $80

Viaddress Reviews : Kate Spade Saturday The Skinny Jean in Splatter Paint

We admit we spent much of March refreshing in hopes that we’d be the first to shop Kate Spade’s new, slightly more budget-friendly line. Now that the site is open (and we’ve picked out everything we wanted), we direct you towards The Skinny Jean in Splatter Paint . Sure, jeans aren’t where our minds immediately go when we think Kate Spade, but these fun pants feature a quirky pattern that’s totally in line with her aesthetic, but a little more relaxed – just like Saturday should be! Available at for only $120

Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter : A Viaddress Review

When you’re short on acreage for a garden, grow one on your walls, deck rail, or fence. Each Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter has enough space for herbs, edible greens, annuals, or other small to medium-sized greenery. Attaching a few colored pots filled with flora adds dimension and color to your otherwise drab vertical spaces. (Hanging a few potted prickly cacti around your perimeter may discourage intruders, too!) Available at 2modern for only  $72

Get the DIY T-Shirt Kit with the help of Viaddress

The DIY T-Shirt Kit from DIY Print Shop ain’t no puffy-paint-and-fabric-marker affair. The kit contains everything you need to create quality tees…nay, works of art! Use the press, water-based ink, screen, halogen exposure light, and all those other tools to create a set of awesome bachelorette tees or help you achieve your Etsy shop dreams. The included DVD will have you silk-screening like a pro in no time! Available at for only $250